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Easily Train Every Supervisor in
Reasonable Suspicion and Save a Ton
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Drinking on the Job Finally, here is an inexpensive way to train supervisors in Reasonable Suspicion Awareness and Alcohol and Drug Education.

Certify your supervisors as completing training with a scored test and a Certificate of Completion using this comprehensive audio-based web course that you own and control. It includes 90 minutes of training, five pop-up handouts to be read and studied--even your own policies and procedures that we embed. It's a first, and there is nothing like it anywhere else. No "per user fees" or anything additional to buy. It's self-contained and can go on any company Web site.'s web course transfers to your Web site in less that 60 seconds, and then it's ready to go. Alcohol education, drug abuse education, and all the particulars about how reasonable suspicion works.

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Web Course: Sound, Handouts, Test, Certificate ($795)       Save $100! (reg. $895)

PowerPoint: Sound and Non-sound (both) ($595)*
      (Includes Comprehensive Trainer's Guide)

Flash Movie (for Web site) and Self-play CD ($595)*

DVD (of PowerPoint Show) ($595)*

* All formats, including Web Course include handouts for use in training or embedding on your protected Web site. Each is qualified at 10 minutes with quiz questions to verify completed study by the learner.

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Unique Points Covered by this Course:

  • Signs, Symptoms, Effects, and Impact of drugs/alcohol
  • The highest Blood Alcohol (BAC) ever recorded (in a person who lived)
  • Why NEVER to use the term "functional alcoholism"
  • Ten BIG excuses supervisors hear and how to not fall for them
  • "Job Performance" - what it is, what's documentable
  • Easy to understand and accurate information about addiction
  • The "Expanded Curve" of Alcoholic Behavior Progression


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